Sunday, August 19, 2007

Honest News

Good news from the past week, concerning Iraq, Afghanistan, and the overall War on Terror:

From Phantom Thunder to Phantom Strike.

Concerned Iraqi Citizens step toward self-reliance.

Al Qaeda destroys Iraqi School.

Iraqi Army Forces provide aid to Sinjar bombing victims.

What Troops Think of the War Debate.

The Cheney Imperative.

Iraqi Citizens, Police Repel Al Qaeda in Baqouba.

Sunni insurgents vs. al Qaeda in Diyala.

Al Qaeda in Iraq Has Lost 75% of Civilian Leadership”.

Why Obama Hustles for Osama.

U.S. to Call Iran Revolutionary Guard 'Terrorists'.

Return to Tora Bora.

Iraqi, U.S. Forces build on residents' stand against terrorism.

China Versus the Taliban.

5th Fleet Focus: The Day of Escalation With Iran.

The Start of Phantom Strike and Lightning Hammer.

Marines Innocent in Haditha.

The United Nation Returns to Iraq.

NY Times: Wrong Way Out of Iraq.

David Petraeus, a general who won't sugarcoat.

Major attacks decline in Iraq.

Supporting the Troops.