Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Hope of Two Nations

Wesley Morgan is currently embedded in Iraq (along with his sponsor, Bill Roggio). He was recently invited to a meeting by General Petraeus, along with 3 Congressmen, as he describes:

My final event of the day before leaving the embassy was also
unexpected – Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker were briefing a delegation of three
Congressmen, and they permitted me, along with a few journalists (including
Brian Bennett of Time magazine, Princeton class of 2000) and aides, to sit in.
One of the three representatives, Texas Democrat Ralph Hill, appeared absolutely
ancient, and mostly remained quiet except to tell Petraeus that he considered
him “the hope of two nations, America and Iraq,” to which the general gave his
stock response: “It’s a heavy rucksack, but I’ve got 160,000 troops to help me
carry it.”

Wes previously told of riding shotgun with the General in the latters personal helicopter, describing the experience as "like I’d spent a day traveling with Patton or Abrams". That's wonderful as we need such men in these days and times.