Sunday, August 12, 2007

SC Bomb Suspects Linked To Sami Al-Arian

Riehl World View keeps us up to date:

Just wanted to add this bit of context from memory. Some initial
reports stated that the car in question belonged to the brother, now identified
as Yahia, and that the "fireworks" were his. That could prove interesting given
that he was likely a student at USF while Al-Arian was there. It's a thought,
There's been another strange development regarding the searching of
a home in the investigation into Yousseff Samir Megahed and Ahmed Abda Mohamed,
arrested for allegedly carrying pipe bombs in their vehicle just miles from a
military facility in Goose Creek, South Carolina. According to
this report, the home was also searched some
years back during the investigation into

Here's Wikipedia on Al-Arian:

Al-Arian, a former university professor, was arrested by the United
government in 2003 on charges of funding terrorists. He was acquitted on eight of the 17
charges against him December 2005 after a six month trial with three
co-defendants. On April 14, 2006 Al-Arian pleaded guilty to a single count of
conspiracy to provide services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and agreed to be

All this is too weird to be a coincidence. It is well known that Al Qaeda has sleeper cells scattered around the globe, and likely in the US. Though a few rockets would hardly do damage to the Naval Weapons Station, it would have been a badly needed propaganda coup for the terrorists, currently on the run thanks to the Surge.