Thursday, September 06, 2007

BBC Cancels Climate Change Special

And they're blaming Al Gore! From Times Online:

The BBC has scrapped plans for Planet Relief, a big television
special on climate change, after a revolt from senior corporation
executives...Peter Barron, Editor of Newsnight, said that it was “not the
corporation’s job to save the planet” and called for Planet Relief to be halted.
Mr Barron told an audience of television executives: “If the BBC is thinking
about campaigning on climate change, then that is wrong and not our job.”
Peter Horrocks, head of BBC television news, cautioned that the corporation
should not be influencing people. He said: “We should be giving people
information, not leading them

These are some astounding quotes, almost like something a real journalist would say! But wait, there's more:

Negative reaction to this summer’s flop Live Earth concert,
promoted by Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, was cited as a factor.
Viewers told the BBC to present the debate around climate change in an informed
and rigorous manner. They did not want to be lectured by wealthy pop stars and

I feel faint! A network is actually concerned about what their viewers think, rather than a radical pressure group? What's going to happen next, CBS reporting good news from Iraq?