Thursday, September 06, 2007

Left Protests Imaginary War

From the You can't make this stuff up Dept. I kid you not, via Don Surber:

Bloggers and columnists on the left are preparing for a war in

They even set up a protest site: Stop War On
— a very real protest of an imaginary

It is a twist on William
Randolph Hearst’s push for a Spanish-American War, lefties are trying to
distract attention from American military successes in Iraq to a “war” in
An antiwar rally — well, anti-imaginary-war — protest is slated for
Washington Sept. 22-29...

I’m not saying we won’t have to use force in Iran. I am saying
that some on the left are so desperate to change the subject from the success in
Iraq that they cannot wait to protest the next “war” — even if it is

So, if they can protest a war that exists only in their minds, here's my question "When are they going to protest the impending war with Mars that Hollywood has been scaring us about all these years"? It's Martian bias I tells ya!

More-This is even funnier: Cheney Orders Media To Sell Attack On Iran.