Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Republican Debate

I'm about halfway viewing the video I taped lasted night on the GOP New Hampshire debate on Fox. Later, I also taped Fred Thompson on Leno, where he announced his candidacy for President in 2008. Concerning Fred, I've a feeling he had loads more viewers than the Fox show. Thought that the Senator turned actor (or vice-versa) had a good explanation why he waited so long to throw his hat in, saying it was traditional that candidates announce after Labor Day. I must admit to being sick of the whole thing and its just getting started. Can you imagine how those who've been running all year, feel? They looked pretty beat at the debate.

Getting back to New Hampshire, its was a little dull. Can't really think of any line which stood out to me, though its seems Duncan Hunter had a good quip or two. Giuliani was really trying to sell himself, mainly for his record in New York. Thing is, he's right in everything he says. Generally, everything McCain says makes sense, except when he talks about Amnesty for Illegals. He's pretty much lost me on this issue, as he has most of the GOP base. Still, if it was between him and Hillary, the Vietnam Vet and advocate for winning in Iraq would get my vote hands down. I've pretty much become a one issue voter after 9/11, and if I see someone waffling on the subject of victory for us or the terrorists, then they've lost my interest. Sorry Ron Paul.