Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chuck Norris in Iraq!

I love this guy's movies! From World Net Daily:

Norris said in an e-mail from Iraq two things have become very
apparent as he has traveled from base to base: The "surge is working" and
"morale is up – way up!" ..."It is so much safer and more relaxed, particularly
in the Al Anbar province," Norris said. "It is so much better than often
conveyed by the liberal media." ..."These young men and women are making a
difference here, and they believe they can win the day and the war, and give the
Iraqi people full ownership of their land," Norris said. "The question is: Will
Americans lose their patience before we expand the safety into other regions of
Iraq the way our military has in most of Al Anbar province?"

I know the troops really appreciate this, from a True Hollywood Star!
Update-Welcome Lowcountry Blogosphere and Chuck Norris fans!