Thursday, September 20, 2007

Congress fails in stealth attempt to end Iraq War

This was the so-called Web Amendment, which was meant to give troops as much time at home as they spend in the field. It is also an example of Congressional micromanaging, which helped lose Vietnam. Senator John Warner who previously supported the measure, bailed on the Democrats. From the NY Times:

Mr. Webb’s proposal, an amendment to the annual defense policy
bill, is being strongly opposed by the Pentagon as an intrusion in complex troop
deployment schedules. Mr. Warner, during a Republican Party luncheon, said he
was rethinking his support given President Bush’s plan to withdraw at least some
troops from Iraq this year.Republican officials said that after extensive
conversations with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, Mr. Warner had concluded
that he could not support Mr. Webb’s plan in its current form.

It was Senator Harry Reid who once said "Listen to the generals". Apparently he meant in the MoveOn army!

By the way, the vote was 56-44 in favor, 4 votes shy of being veto proof. Chicago Tribune has more coverage.

Thanks to Susan at Wake Up America for the Tip!