Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coalition Plans to Secure Basra

They're not leaving it to the terrorists, according to DJ Elliot at Small Wars Journal:

During August, three new "Operational Commands" in Samarra, Basrah, and
Karbala were formed. These headquarters are joint corps-level (or greater)
commands and represent a significant increase in Iraqi command and control. Of
particular significance, was the establishment of the
Basrah Operational Command under the command of
General Mohan (four-star equivalent). The establishment of the Basrah
Operational Command, 14th Division, addition of at least two more brigades to
the two already stationed in Basrah, and the dispatch of the first expansion
battalion from Iraqi Special Operations Force indicate serious concern for the
situation in Basrah. As the Vice Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Joint staff said:
"We do not have enough forces there. That is why we are having a new division,
the 14th Division, to be built in Basrah, especially with the possibility that
British might be leaving us in time."

This is good news, as I had a feeling General Petraeus wouldn't leave the citizens of this major Iraq city high and dry.