Friday, September 07, 2007

Couric Presses Syrian Leader over Terrorists

She asks Syrian President Bashar al Assad the tough questions Nancy Pelosi should have, via W. Thomas Smith Jr. at the Tank:

Katie asks questions about Syria’s support of terrorism, but Assad
counters with rhetorical questions like, “Chaos is contagious,” so “what
interest would Syria have in having chaos in Iraq?”...
The Assad interview is
broken up with lots of dramatic footage and a brief history of the Assad
Then Katie asks:
"Why haven’t you gotten control of your
Assad responds:
"This is not an airport problem. It’s not
related to the airport. This is, again, another false allegation. They’ve been
harping on this bogus claim for four years. But actually the terrorists, if they
want to come, they don’t have to come to the airport: They can cross any border
… by any means, to go to Iraq."
Yeah, ok, Mr. President.

We will continue following Katie's travels in the warzone, all long as she stays clear of the rhetoric of some currently calling the Surge a failure, before we've heard from General Petraeus.