Friday, September 07, 2007

Democrats discount own report on Iraq

Even more from the You can't make this stuff up Dept., via International Herald Tribune:

An independent commission created by Congress said Thursday that
U.S. forces in Iraq could give a larger role to the Iraqi Army by early next
year, if the Iraqi forces continued to improve...
Congressional Democrats expressed immediate skepticism,
saying in a hearing that they feared the Bush administration would selectively
use this, parts of other recent reports and much-awaited assessments due from
senior U.S. officials in Baghdad next week - including a major congressional
briefing Sept. 11 - as part of a campaign to press for still more

Glenn Reynolds says "So they set up an independent panel to dilute the impact of the Petraeus Report. Then when it reports something that doesn't fit the talking points, they express "immediate skepticism." Maybe they should do another report, much like the NY Times had to do-over a poll on Iraq, when it didn't fit their "the war is lost" viewpoint.