Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mark Sanford Vs. SC Porkers

An unflattering piece on the crusading Governor at Greenville Online, but it did point me to the Reform SC site, which will now be in the links section:

Sanford's chief of staff, Tom Davis, sent out an e-mail 10 days ago
putting the arm on recipients for money, not for Sanford, who can't run again,
but for the governor's new toy, Reform SC. It was created, Davis said, to
"mobilize the people of South Carolina to send Columbia politicians a powerful
He went on to refer to "television, direct mailings, radio, etc."
aimed at making change happen, "to inform the voters of the disconnect between
their legislators' conservative campaign promises and the way they actually
vote." In his P.S., Davis cited the need for a grass-roots campaign, saying,
"There are also far too many who campaigned for election on a conservative
platform and then failed to follow through on their promises." 'Bad

Remember when Sanford entered the SC State House with 2 live pigs to make a point about spending? Classic! Typically, those porkers crapped on him, which is what the above article did in favor of the loose spenders at the Capitol.