Monday, September 17, 2007

5 Superheroes for Today

I was a little disgusted discouraged over the weekend after reading this article at a comics website, on why modern day comic heroes like Superman, Batman, and Captain America aren't fighting terrorism like they did America's enemies during World War 2 and the Cold War. It was the usual rant you expect from the mass media crowd which believes Bush is Hitler and we got what we deserve on 9/11 and such. At first I was angry, then I realized that this writer didn't speak for me, nor for alot of still Patriot Americans who haven't forgot the sacrifices of our forefathers , or the need to continually fight for Freedom. In that spirit, I present 5 heroes of my own design, who's adventures I would dearly love to read:

1). Super Power-My version of Superman, though he can't fly. He was a volunteer in a late-Cold War experiment on genetics, which would give humans enhanced strength, speed, and agility, duplicating a Soviet experiment. After the Cold War, and the coming of the "kinder, gentler" 1990's, his services were no longer needed by the government. After the 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks, his special powers are called back to duty to battle a new menace to Freedom.

2). The Stryker-The Batman character of my super team. A former US Army Ranger returns home to Katrina devastated New Orleans to battle looters and gang members, while helping to rebuild the city. He is often hindered by corrupt policemen and politicians who themselves are in league with the criminals.

3). Dr. Justice and Mrs. Mercy-A husband/wife attorney team, who become masked crime fighters after their young child is killed by a child molester, who ironically they tried to prosecute but who was released on good behavior by an activist judge. Though vigilantes, they try to work within the law by bringing to light criminal activities of corrupt judges and home grown terrorists.

4). Captain Alamo-A new Captain America for the 21st Century! While working for the US Border Patrol, he sees his partner gun downed by a Mexican drug smuggler. When the killer is loosed by an activist judge, he vows to defeat Mexican drug lords, terrorists, and opportunists dealing in human smuggling on the US border.

5). Ecoman-Every super team needs a green character (Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Hulk). Two brothers who are chemists working for a major oil company have just invented a clean synthetic fuel which will end our dependence on oil. Ironically, their lab is bombed by rogue eco-terrorists, and one brother is killed. The chemicals from the lab combined with the explosions to transform the survivor into Ecoman, who is able to morph his body into a rock-hard solid, a flowing liquid, or an invisible gas. In memory of his slain sibling, the hero hires out to Big corporations and foreign companies who are under threat from radical environmentalists.

All characters Copyright 2007 by yours truly. Alright Marvel and DC! I'll be waiting for your call...and waiting...and waiting...