Saturday, September 08, 2007

On Katie Couric's Reporting

W. Thomas Smith Jr has been watching CBS all week so we don't have to and concludes his series on Katie Couric reporting from Iraq:

Nevertheless, I'll miss the nightly segments. And I close this
week's series of critiques with a renewed respect for Katie, an experienced
journalist who approached her coverage of the Iraq war by going back to the
fundamentals of reporting, not unlike the way the late-great Green Bay Packer
coach Vince Lombardi approached the first practices of his seasons. “Gentlemen,
this is a football,” he would say. And Katie Couric played solid ball, all four
quarters, this week.

It was refreshing to hear first hand, as apposed to second and third hand with most reports coming from mercenary "stringers" or safely from the guarded Green Zone. I expect most of the suits we see on TV reporting bad news since the war began wereafraid to go to Iraq for fear of learning the great things our troops are accomplishing there.