Saturday, September 08, 2007

McCain's Comeback 2

Folks at the Union Leader seem to agree with my observation last month the Senator and former POW may create an election winning strategy, though their reasoning is his performance at this week's GOP debate in New Hampshire:

McCain spent two days campaigning here before the debate at the
University of New Hampshire. Reporters we've talked with say he is his old self
again. Freed from the constraints of a national campaign and rejuvenated by
direct interaction with New Hampshire voters, he has found renewed vigor and
That was apparent Wednesday night as McCain emerged from the debate
the clear and convincing winner. National pundits have written off McCain. But
he is showing that the reports of his political death are premature. And he is
breathing new life into his campaign in the only place such a feat is possible:
in New Hampshire.

Like Bush earlier this year with his back to the wall by a new Democrat controlled Congress, it was either "do or die". Falling rapidly in the polls McCain didn't have anything to lose, and by throwing caution to the winds, he is now benefiting from this bold move.
Update 2-Paul at Powerline has more thoughts.
Update 3-Isn't his weird? Here I am a Giuliani supporter, and I seem to post more about McCain than Rudy! But I do love a good comeback.