Sunday, September 09, 2007

Troops Casualties Down During the Surge

This surprising news has the "experts" stymied, according to McClatchy Washington Bureau:

American combat deaths in Iraq have dropped by half in the three
months since the buildup of 28,000 additional U.S. troops reached full strength,
surprising analysts and dividing them as to why.
U.S. officials had predicted
that the increase would lead to higher American casualties as the troops "took
the fight to the enemy." But that hasn't happened, even though U.S. forces have
launched major offensives involving thousands of troops north and south of

Its really amazing, though and I think I have an explanation. Before, the troops were stuck in the Green Zone or in heavily fortified bases, waiting for the suicide bombers to attack them. The term "sitting ducks" come to mind. Now, it is the GI's which are doing the attacking.

I remember reading about such a phenomena during the D-Day landings. The troops got off their landing crafts and were immediately met by a hail of German machine gun fire. An hour of so later, they were still stuck on the beach, taking heavy casualties and being picked off one by one. Finally this general shows up and asks the men "Do you want to live forever. Get up there and take those guns!" So slowly but surely the troops began climbing the dunes surrounding the beach and drove the Germans off. This was at Omaha Beach and you know the rest of the story.

The lesson is, you can sit still and die or get the heck off the beach and live!