Friday, September 07, 2007

Sea Links

Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat (R 22) breaks formation during Malabar 2007. US Navy Photo

Navy Review Newsletter #36.

Canada's navy returning to Persian Gulf duty.

NY welcomes wave adaptive modular vessel.

Early Proposal for British Future Surface Combatant.

Joint US/Indian naval exercises begin today.

Big Deck vs Small Deck Naval Aviation.

Aussies not worried over Indonesian subs.

New Nuke Sub for India?

Navies Pack a Punch at FA PANAMAX 2007.

Asian Military Buildup Continues.

South African Sub "Sinks" NATO visiters!

Naval Hedge on Beijing's Rise.

Singapore Navy to Return to Persian Gulf.

Diesel sub wonder weapons.

USN $4 billion over budget on its 41 ships under construction.