Thursday, September 06, 2007

Katie Restores Journalism Credibility

In Iraq, she's proving herself a real reporter, and restoring honor to her profession, demeaned by the likes of her predecessor Dan Rather. Here's W. Thomas Smith Jr, himself recently returned from the frontlines:

In a world where reporting war and providing frontline analysis is often slanted, skewed, and just plain wrong, Katie is doing it right. Not perfect to be sure: Iraq is simply too difficult, and military operations (both static and rolling) are usually far too complex for observing journalists to fully get their arms around. But either CBS’s producers on this project have real defense-sense, or Katie has made the decision to avoid any preconceptions
she may have previously held about the war and instead report life as she sees
it in the trenches.

I actually watched Katie's program last night for the first time since she moved to CBS, at least some of it. The Media has a long way to go to restore itself in the eyes of most Americans, not only for shoddy reporting but for picking the wrong side to support in the War on Terror. At least this great lady is reporting what she's sees, and leaving at least some of the bias back in New York. She is on the path to redemption.