Tuesday, October 30, 2007

5 Ways to Get the World to Like Us Again

Hillary says she would send out her ambassadors to do this, but I like Ron Silver's take, as long as his tongue in still in his cheek:

  1. We can start by helping the Arabs retake Andalusia. Having conquered it once, it belongs to them forever.
  2. Let’s remove our troops and fleet from the Pacific. I’m sure, without our meddling, China, the Korean Peninsula and Japan and Taiwan in addition to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore as well as Indochina will finally be able to get over centuries of enmity.
  3. Disband NATO—the French never really liked it anyway.
  4. South America and Mexico and Canada are easy. Open our borders.
  5. Leave Africa to the international community, with its many indispensable nations, Russia, China, the EU and Principe and San Tome to take the lead. With the able assistance of the Great African Leaders of Sudan, Chad, Somalia and Zimbabwe, Kofi Annan who was head of peacekeeping for the U.N. during the genocides in Rwanda and Srebrenica, and as Secretary General, presided over the massacres in Darfur can help his former colleagues work it out.
Yep, then all will be right with the planet. Of course, who then will the world blame for its troubles? Read the rest of this funny article.