Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5 Reasons Antiwar Films are Failing

The numbers are in,proving Hollywood's war on the war isn't bringing in the audiences or the bigs bucks that were hoped for, or even a change in US strategy against the terrorists. Here are 5 likely explanations:

  1. Most Americans still love our country, and support Bush's efforts to prevent a repeat 9/11. If Hollywood reflected the spirit of the hopeful majority, rather than the angry minority, then their films might actually make money.
  2. People go to the movies to be entered, not be preached to or made to feel guilty. This can be seen from the triumph of family films like Bee Movie over Robert Redford's anti-war flick Lions for Lambs, starring Tom Cruise!
  3. Hollywood is out of touch. It's common knowledge of the Leftist domination of Tinsel Town, who's mindset often involves seeing the world as they wish, rather than the reality. Their disdain of the military and American values put them at odds with the movie going public who still want to believe in heroes.
  4. Americans aren't as frustrated over Iraq as the movie makers contend. Sure, everyone's tired of the war constantly in the news, but they also don't want us to fail, especially when the consequences of defeat to Osama Bin Laden is unthinkable. Now that things are looking better, thanks to Gen. Petraeus' Surge strategy, more Americans are upbeat about our chances of winning.
  5. The are other choices. There are so many entertainment choices in today's society, from computers, Ipods, home video, pay per view, ect., that its far easier to stay at home, thus saving $20, $50, or even $100 to go to a crowded theater and be sermonized by a culture that gives us the likes of Rosie O'Donnell and Britney Spears.
There's so much recently in the news and blogosphere on the subject, but a good starting point is here and here.