Thursday, November 01, 2007

Democrats Attack Key US Ally

My gosh! Who's next on their black list? This time its Ethiopia, who recently helped us Avenge Black Hawk Down by driving terrorists out of Somalia. Story by Patrick Poole:

The bill’s key language:

Prohibits until the President makes specified congressional certifications: (1) security assistance to Ethiopia, with exceptions for peacekeeping, military education and training for civilian personnel, or counter-terrorism assistance; and (2) U.S. entry of any Ethiopian official involved in giving orders to use lethal force against peaceful demonstrators or accused of gross human rights violations, and government security personnel involved in specified shootings of demonstrators or prisoners

H.R. 2003 is ostensibly intended to spur further democratic progress in Ethiopia. In reality, the bill ignores the impressive (and in the Horn of Africa region, unparalleled) gains in both multi-party politics and human rights achieved in recent years and imposes a certification process that will severely cripple support for essential anti-terror efforts in this critical region. Not only would it stifle much-needed humanitarian and development funds to one of our closest and most reliable allies, but the legislation would prohibit the US from providing counter-terror and military support to Ethiopia until the stringent certification regime is met.

The Left always picks the worse opportunities to get religion and morals. This is very sad and disappointing that Congress would go out of their way to alienate our allies, something they often accuse Bush of doing. The pot calling the kettle black.