Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hillary Pummeled by Fellow Dems

You can read the whole sordid story here, but this is revealing to me of the ongoing Civil War within the Democratic Party: Those who believe we should return to the old Carter Era liberalism and appeasement, or to a more relevant and post-9/11 mindset, which basically stands for "Bash Bush but give him anything he wants to fight the war".

Conservatives shouldn't gloat to see Hillary falter, though I don't think she did so badly and even came up with this quote worthy of a Joe Lieberman:

"I don't know how you pursue Al Qaeda without engaging them in combat."

See? Common sense or at least good political strategy, something sadly lacking within the Code Pink/MoveOn wing of the Party, especially since the Iraq invasion. Liberal Democrats have went out of their way to divide this country after a brief burst of patriotism when the Twin Towers fell. Now they leisurely Blame Bush for all our woes, while our brave and brilliant troops die on the frontlines for our much abused freedoms.

Getting back to Hillary, this is hardly an endorsement but on matters of National Security, she is the only one of the major liberal candidates who "gets it". Remarkably high in the polls right now, it appears that huge numbers of Americans agree with this. And this is why you see the attacks from the Media and the elite Democrats, because they see their particular brand of weak-kneed and terrorist appeasing Leftism faltering.