Friday, November 09, 2007

Petition Against Clyburn and Pork

The South Carolina GOP is scolding the Democrat Congressman over putting self-interest before the troops:

Today, it was reported Democrat Jim Clyburn has sponsored a golf earmark in defense bill (The Hill, 11/7/2007). Clyburn requested $3 million of the 2008 military spending bill be directed toward a charitable foundation connected to the James E. Clyburn Golf Center in Columbia, S.C. (Roll Call, 11/7/2007).

Clyburn’s spokeswoman defended his $3 million request, saying it will go toward “character education” programs teaching children how to play golf. However, Clyburn’s request “stands out because it has little do with the military” and was introduced in closed-door negotiations between congressional leaders (The Hill, 11/7/2007).

I call on South Carolinians to sign our petition demanding Jim Clyburn protect our troops instead of polishing his ego!

Go to the sight and sign up, please, for the troops!