Saturday, November 10, 2007

5 Reasons George Bush Rocks!

I could think of lots more, most to do with winning the War on Terror and standing up for democracy everywhere, but here are 5 reasons to admire President Bush just from the past week or so!

  1. Chronic homelessness has declined.
  2. Productivity is way up.
  3. The President of France has nice things to say about us.
  4. SDI is becoming ever more effective.
  5. A school opens in Iraq where terrorists used to rule.
I get amused when the MSM says things like "Lame Duck" and "Failed Administration", when we are winning in Iraq and the Democrat Congress gives the President anything he needs to fight that war, including an attorney general who's concerned more about the safety of Americans than the rights of terrorists!

Thanks to Mark Noonan for the list.