Monday, December 10, 2007

Obama, Oprah in SC

Gleefully I watch as Hillary Clinton actually has to fight to keep her lead in the Democrat presidential bid, rather than having it bestowed on her as inevitable. From the Greenville News:

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey joined U.S. Sen. Barack Obama on Sunday to fire up a crowd of more than 29,000 people at the University of South Carolina's football stadium in what Obama said was the largest gathering for his campaign to be president.

The crowd danced, chanted and roared during the rally, which combined the feel of a rock concert and a religious revival...The Columbia rally originally had been planned for inside USC's Colonial Center, which holds 18,000. But organizers quickly transferred the event to Williams-Brice Stadium, with a capacity of 80,250, when it became clear thousands more wanted a chance to see Winfrey and Obama. Campaign officials later estimated more than 29,000 people attended Sunday.

My own opinion of Obama? He is more style than substance. His foreign policy is extremely Carteresque, which is to punish your friends and appease your enemies. As far as healthcare and the economy, he's full of the typical liberal spin, which is never to bypass a chance to raise taxes.

Still, its good to see the Clinton's squirm over this, and Hillary's not looking so good. Playing the typical dirty politics doesn't seem to be working, so maybe now is her chance to step from behind Bill's shadow and define herself as a candidate. Personally I'd love for Obama to get nominated, which would give the far more experienced Giuliani a chance to rip him to shreds.