Monday, December 10, 2007

Democrats for Torture Before Being Against It

The Washington Post reveals:

In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA's overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised...The lawmakers who held oversight roles during the period included Pelosi and Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) and Sens. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) and John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), as well as Rep. Porter J. Goss (R-Fla.) and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan).

The farther we get from the brutal slaughter of innocent civilians on September 11, 2001 by the terrorists, the more our priorities to prevent a second attack becomes blurred. Look for some on the Left to claim they were deceived by the President into acquiescence, just like they attempt to deflect reponsibilty for their votes to start the Iraq War.