Saturday, December 15, 2007

Petraeus: Man of the Year

Not content to wait for Time Magazine's annual choice, National Review names the commanding general who turned conditions around for the better in Iraq in a few months time:

Time magazine hasn’t announced its pick for “man of the year” yet, but we certainly know ours: Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the multinational force in Iraq and architect of the surge strategy that is turning the tide in the war. Petraeus formulated a brilliant counterinsurgency plan. He executed it with care and diligence. And when much of the country didn’t want to notice the security gains that the surge had wrought, he took the national media spotlight to defend his strategy and his honor. In all this, he was nothing less than masterly.

And I heartedly concur with their view! Petraeus helped to turn what could have been a shameful retreat before a murderous ideology which has held the world under siege since 9/11, Al Qaeda terrorism, into a glorious triumph for the West. Rather than a New Dark Age, we now have hope for a new era of peace in the Middle East, and a long-neglected opportunity for democracy to take root. For all this, plus keeping our troops safe, this country owes the General our heartfelt gratitude!

The Key Monk says "unless Time makes the same pick, NRO's will be better."

Kevin Gregory at the McClatchy Watch agrees with National Review.