Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Win Some...

A few, including Galrahn at Information Dissemination, are coming around to my way of thinking on primary role of the submarine in modern war at sea, probably because of the shocking cost of new warships on the Navy's expansion plans. With little likelihood that there will be a big shipbuilding boost in the near future, desperate times call for desperate measures. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead apparently has seen the light:

...The primary reason the Navy is building a larger submarine force is to counter the threats of China. I'm sure everyone assumed as much, but it is refreshing to see it stated by the CNO.
He also rightly chastises the Chief for planning the littoral combat ship around a future conflict with the Chinese, but maybe the Admiral has ulterior motives. The Air Force added the "A" for ground attack designation when it seemed procurement of their hot Cold War era F-22 Raptor was in danger, a ploy which worked to an extent. Perhaps Roughead is utilizing the same strategy to push through the troubled LCS program.

Whenever the China threat is mentioned, everyone seems to perk up like "E.F. Hutton"!

Oh, and Galrahn goes on to flatter yours truly by stating "Mike's ideas look smarter and smarter everyday with this type of talk from the CNO, which pains me to say since I often disagree with his ideas."

All is forgiven!