Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Surge Top Story of 2007

This according to Michelle Malkin's Year in Review and I agree!

Let’s start with the beginning: January 2007. For me, what happened in January defined the rest of the year. We rang in 2007 with vehement Democrat opposition to the “surge” in Baghdad. In the ensuing 12 months, Democrats tried and failed repeatedly to sabotage and undermine this military campaign. Their poisonously partisan allies at MoveOn attempted to smear Gen. David Petraeus. Their fellow travelers in the MSM fought tooth and nail to obscure the successes of the counterinsurgency tactics with their relentless “grim milestone” drumbeat. But by year’s end, even anti-war Democrats and adversarial media outlets alike were forced to acknowledge that undeniable military progress and security improvements had been made.

Milbloggers have almost unanimously labeled Petraeus as Man of the Year, for his brilliant new strategy to defeat Al Qaeda and bring greater security to Iraq. His astounding success has also increased President Bush's own fortunes, despite the surprise Democrat takeover of Congress last year. Then, the resurgent liberal victory in the Elections was considered a humiliating defeat for the President, but now seems of little relevance in the ongoing War on Terror.