Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush's Iraq Coup

He is removing the Iraq War as an issue which might hurt Republicans and help Democrats in this year's election. From Newsweek:

In remarks to the traveling press, delivered from the Third Army operation command center here, Bush said that negotiations were about to begin on a long-term strategic partnership with the Iraqi government modeled on the accords the United States has with Kuwait and many other countries. Crocker, who flew in from Baghdad with Petraeus to meet with the president, elaborated: "We're putting our team together now, making preparations in Washington," he told reporters. "The Iraqis are doing the same. And in the few weeks ahead, we would expect to get together to start this negotiating process." The target date for concluding the agreement is July, says Gen. Doug Lute, Bush's Iraq coordinator in the White House--in other words, just in time for the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

Wow! Some lame duck, eh? Bush has not only placed a new democratic, pro-Western government in the heart of the terrorist breeding grounds, but is ensuring its continuance as an ally! The Left may have felt invigorated since 2003 due to their hostility to the liberation of Iraq, but they are swiftly losing it as a recruitment tool, leaving only unanswered questions on how will they govern in Bush's stead. So far, the new Democratic Congress, hasn't proved very encouraging in this respect.