Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Not John McCain?

Sen. John McCain may be hawkish on defense matters, but he's on the Left side as far as domestic politics, reveals Mark Levin:

McCain-Feingold — the most brazen frontal assault on political speech since Buckley v. Valeo.

McCain-Kennedy — the most far-reaching amnesty program in American history.

McCain-Lieberman — the most onerous and intrusive attack on American industry — through reporting, regulating, and taxing authority of greenhouse gases — in American history.

McCain-Kennedy-Edwards — the biggest boon to the trial bar since the tobacco settlement, under the rubric of a patients’ bill of rights.

McCain-Reimportantion of Drugs — a significant blow to pharmaceutical research and development, not to mention consumer safety (hey Rudy, pay attention, see link).

That's not all, so read the rest. And I was just beginning to like McCain! Thanks for the reminder Mr. Levin, and I'm still standing by Rudy!