Friday, January 04, 2008

Diplomacy and Decline in the West

The Decline of the West can be traced to the turn of the last Century, where, despite victory for the Great Western Democracies after the First World War, it became obvious the enlightened culture which arose out of the Dark Ages was in a steep decline. We sought to halt this freefall by advocating peace with our enemies and forming international institutions designed to prevent war. Diplomacy rather than military force was the byword. There would now be "peace in our time" thanks to a new breed of diplomat statesman.

Yet, these peace institutions only hastened the fall and even created more death and destruction. Our enemies saw our well-meaning overtures as proof of weakness, and exploited it to the full. They used diplomacy only to further their aims, and expand their borders. When talking failed to achieve their goals, the tyrants had no aversion to making war, which had become so despised in the West.

Still, there were stalwart individuals remaining who remembered our glorious heritage, who rose up to defy the enemies of democracy just in time. These included Winston Churchill in 1940, and Ronald Reagan in 1980. More recently came George W. Bush in 2001 to stand against the rising tide of Islamic Fascism. Too often, however, these were voices crying in the wilderness, maligned by their countrymen whom they were saving from the bonds of oppression.

It was inevitable that after each war won, we would forget those who stood in the breach, and declare the end of all wars. Each victory barely won saw the shameful return of appeasement disguised as diplomacy. First came the League of Nations, which sat idly by while German, Italian, and Japanese dictators swept up weaker opponents and planted the seeds of global disaster. Later came the the United Nations which did more in the second half of the century to defeat European global power than Soviet Communism.

These days the Marxist dominated world body is more antagonistic to Israel and America, than it is concerned by the terrorist menace that threatens the global community with a renewed Dark Age, and nuclear blackmail. Instead of encouraging stability and democracy, these peace organizations become forums where petty dictators can rail against our less warlike and prosperous Western nations, while coercing tribute disguised as foreign aid to prop up their illegal regimes.

As we in the West grow weaker, they grow stronger, until all our cherished freedoms which took us centuries to perfect are gone. Our enlightened culture which oversaw the greatest expansion of human population and progress, created miracle drugs that saved millions, virtually ended the practice of slavery, and gave rights to women unheard of in all history, will soon return to the tyrants, kings, dictators, bosses, warlords, and warriors chiefs that has been the planetary norm for ages.

Hitlers demise was certain only when the British in 1940 said no negotiations with tyrants. Reagan only used diplomacy with the Soviets after he had rebuilt his own country's defenses and morale. Peace is only now coming to Iraq after Bush's Surge has proven to the terrorists and the warring factions that America will not back down or run away.
From our heroes past: Churchill, Reagan, and Bush we learn that peace comes through strength, and respect must be earned, not inherited.