Friday, January 04, 2008

Underdogs Win in Iowa

A good analysis of Republican and Democrat winners from the Bierbauer Report:

Obama has shattered the expectation that an African-American candidate cannot win in a state where even the Democratic voters are 93% white. Obama neither mentions that, nor campaigns as an African-American. But TVs talking heads note his Iowa victory changes the expectations about a black candidate winning the white vote...

Huckabee, needless to say, has dramatically exceeded expectations. He has captured the vote of the so-called religious conservatives who had been searching the political wilderness for their candidate. He has captivated the media who have crowned him “frontrunner.” In an irony, Huckabee does not now need to win in New Hampshire. Indeed, he is not expected to.

I support neither, but my hat is off to both for well run campaigns, and for defying the expectations of the political pundits. Some say that Iowa doesn't matter, but I'm sure it didn't hurt either Obama's or Huckabee's chances in the general election.