Monday, January 28, 2008

The Essential Giuliani Presidency

Among all the presidential contenders of the Right and Left, Rudy Giuliani stands head and shoulders above them all in terms of tested leadership and proven experience. As a US Attorney in the 1980's he helped bring to justice some of America's most notorious criminals, the New York Mob. Later, as mayor of New York City in the 90's he transformed what was basically a cesspool of crime and poverty into what is once again viewed as one of the gretest cities on earth. During the catastrophe of 9/11, 2001, he again proved his metal by taking charge of what was at best a chaotic situation, bringing hope to the country and inspiring the world.

Since then, "America's Mayor" has supported President Bush's initiative to take the War on Terror away from the country's cities, and placing the frontlines squarely in the midst of the radicals, as in the invasions 0f Iraq and Afghanistan. He has echoed the wisdom of transforming the terrorist breeding grounds of the tyranny infested Middle East into democratic friends and allies.

I believe if Rudy does miss his chance in 2008 as our commander in chief, it would be a great loss to the nation. With so many crucial issues facing this generation such as illegal immigration, an aging infrastructure, economic challenges, and of course Islamic Radicalism, we can't afford to let such proven experience and leadership pass us by.