Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thoughts on the Races

Both Hillary and McCain are scorned by their own Parties, yet are mostly in the lead in their respective campaigns. Democrats and Republicans are holding their noses...

Obama is leading a great many black Democrats away from Hillary. Will these wayward voters return to support her in the Fall, if she wins her Party's nomination? Might be interesting to see the Dems have their own "Ross Perot" factor in Obama.

The Clintons' vicious attacks on Obama may be another milestone in how race relations have changed in America. The fact that members of their own Party can attack a fellow black candidate on issues other than his race without being skinned alive, is as much a milestone as is the first real chance for a black candidate to be elected President in America.

That said, are some in the Media still living in past for lambasting Bill's attack on Obama? Are they saying Hillary's attack dog shouldn't go after her opponent because the former President is wrong in his criticism, or because Obama is black? Since Barak is leading a supposed "movement", the Press apparently thinks he should be untouchable and above politics as usual. Sorry, we aren't trying to elect a Pope but a President.

Some on the Right's standards seem so high, as revealed by their attacks on Huckabee, Giuliani, Romney, McCain, as all being "too liberal", even Ronald Reagan would be unacceptable as a candidate for the GOP nomination.

For all of Obama's "Kennedyesque" oratory about change, he is more Jimmy Carteresque. Anyone remember long gas lines and shortages, double-digit inflation, and America almost losing the Cold War and actually losing Iran to this day?

Hillary Clinton used be a part of the New Left, which was hawkish on defense issues and careful on Iraq. With the rise of Obama, she has taken a decidedly left wing approach to politics, ready to cut and run on Iraq, and eager to transform our excellent healthcare system into a clone of Europe's disastrous socialized medicine. Will she return to her more moderate stance if elected to the Presidency?