Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Vote McCain

Victor Davis Hanson offers some sound advice:

I take McCain at his word that—once chastised on
immigration—he will close the border. Ending illegal immigration, restoring
fiscal sanity, cutting spending, and insisting on victory in the war are the
essential issues, and on all he is far preferable to Hillary. There really
is a
difference between “suspension of disbelief” and “no substitute for
That is why a number of conservatives have and will continue to
hold their noses and endorse McCain.

Republicans, like it or not, have been given a great gift.
Just three months ago Hillary was coronated in the media as our next President,
as polls showed her winning against all comers. Then came her demonization of
Obama and the entrance of pit-bull Bill—and the country was reminded of the
Clinton viciousness and the entire fraud of modern liberal thinking.

This makes alot of sense to me. For some reason, the Right has become obsessed with the perfect, meaning a Reaganite clone, while some good candidates are being brushed aside or belittled for a few faults. My own opinion is this current crop of candidates, even those on the Left, are an extraordinary bunch, perhaps some of the most outstanding in this nation's history.

Have conservatives become so stubborn that we'd seriously stay home from the polls if a social conservative like McCain is on the ballot, while a devout Leftist like Hillary or Obama gets the vote? This is what occurred in 2006, and if we allow bias to prevail over judgement, the Right deserves what it gets, which likely will be 8 more years of Clinton. Personally, I'm rooting for Rudy, but won't think it a disaster if the "Maverick" gets the nod for the November White House bid.

Finally, he adds proof that even Reagan couldn't make the standards we are setting for Republican candidates these days:

Remember that Ronald Reagan signed the greatest amnesty bill
in our history that helped to ensure the present 10-15 million illegal aliens,
raised payroll taxes and upped gasoline taxes, sold arms secretly and illegally
to the Contras, had a disastrous episode in Lebanon that cost 241 Marine lives,
naively called for global nuclear disarmament, and far more unconservative
accomplishments—and rightfully, despite all that, deserves the mantle of a great