Friday, February 29, 2008

McCain's Eligibility

The Grey Lady never learns as she continues her amateurish attacks on the GOP front runner John McCain. The latest hitjob is an old and discredited story on whether the maverick, born in the Panama Canal Zone is a "natural born citizen". From Wash Park Prophet:

Is McCain a natural born citizen, even though he was born in
the U.S. Canal Zone? Yes.

As the New York Times notes:

"Mr. McCain’s citizenship was established by statutes
covering the offspring of Americans abroad and laws specific to the Canal Zone
as Congress realized that Americans would be living and working in the area for
extended periods."

Until the 14th Amendment was adopted after the Civil War (and
long after the current United States Constitution was adopted in 1789)
citizenship was a solely creature of statute, and the legacy of the statute
under which he claimed citizenship at the time of his birth has a long history.

The blogger sums it up best:

If you are a citizen when you are born, it is hard to see how the
natural born requirement should disqualify you from the Presidency.

I'm amazed at the audacity the paper has to put out yet another baseless charge against the Senator, so soon after its last debacle. The rogue liberal rag has become McCain best fund raiser, but I don't believe this was their intent!