Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain Beats Hillary, Obama

In a nationwide poll, the Maverick Iraq War proponent has the edge over his liberal competitors come November. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, who has largely tied
his candidacy to the war in Iraq, narrowly leads both Barack Obama and Hillary
Rodham Clinton in a general election matchup, according to a new Los Angeles
Times-Bloomberg poll.
Among those surveyed, McCain won higher marks than
either Obama or Clinton for having the right experience and the ability to
handle Iraq and terrorism — and most other issues, except health care.

This is proof positive that the War on Terror, which the other side has ignored save for calling for retreat and withdrawal, is still important in the eyes of most Americans. The public realizes the dire need to avert a return to past defensive policies as during the Clinton era, or the Carteresque appeasement you would likely get from Obama.