Thursday, February 28, 2008

William Frank Buckley Jr. 1925-2008

A sad day, but a glorious legacy for conservatism in America. From Fox News:

Buckley founded the biweekly magazine National Review in 1955,
declaring that he proposed to stand "athwart history, yelling `Stop' at a time
when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who urge
it." Not only did he help revive conservative ideology, especially unbending
anti-Communism and free market economics, his persona was a dynamic break from
such dour right-wing predecessors as Sen. Robert Taft...

Born Nov. 24, 1925, in New York City, William Frank Buckley
Jr. was the sixth of 10 children of a a multimillionaire with oil holdings in
seven countries. The son spent his early childhood in France and England, in
exclusive Roman Catholic schools.
His prominent family also included his
brother James, who became a one-term senator from New York in the 1970s; his
socialite wife, Pat, who died in April 2007; and their son, Christopher, a noted
author and satirist ("Thank You for Smoking").
A precocious controversialist,
William was but 8 years old when he wrote to the king of England, demanding
payment of the British war debt.

He will be greatly missed. Lately Mr. Buckley's came out against the Iraq War, which made me think the conservative icon had passed his prime, but doubtless his influence continues into the 21st Century, and hopefully beyond. More:
John McCain on Buckley-"Bill was a great American who helped change the course of history."