Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sen. Graham Cites Iraq Improvements

More good news from the Surge, and South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham via

"I asked Iraqi politicians, 'What happened? What has changed?' "
Graham said, and he was told their greater security led to new political
"The siege mentality that existed from al-Qaida roaming around
the country freely a year ago has led to security that has fostered hope that
has led to political reconciliation," Graham said. "I think history will say
that the (Gen. David) Petraeus strategy is one of the most successful military
counterinsurgency strategies or operations in world history."
Graham said the
nation's oil production and entrepreneurship are up, and he saw billboards,
soccer games, traffic jams and other signs of life during his travels in and
around Baghdad. "The city had a life and pride that did not exist a year ago,"
he said.

The article states it was the Senator's 10th trip to Iraq. I've had some disagreements with Graham on issues such as immigration and Gitmo torture (the lack thereof), but appreciate his stance against an early Iraq pullout plus his steadfast support of the President and our troops. We are a very fortunate state to have such politicians as this.