Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Former Skeptics Say Army Not Broken

Some good news from the ongoing War on Terror via Fox News:

A year ago, some military experts were comparing the Army of 2007
with the army of a generation ago, at the end of the Vietnam War, when it was
considered "broken" due to morale problems and an exodus of the "best and the
brightest" soldiers from service.
(Army Maj. Gen. Bob) Scales said he didn’t
take into account that, unlike Vietnam, this Army is sending soldiers to fight
as a unit — not as individuals. He also neglected the "Band of Brothers"
phenomenon — the feeling of responsibility to fellow soldiers that prompts
members of service to re-enlist.
"The soldiers go back to the theater of war
as units," Scales said. "They are bonded together, they know each other, they
don't have to fight as an army of strangers.
"I was wrong a year ago when I
forecast the imminent collapse of the Army. I relied a little bit too much on
the data and not enough on the intangibles."

This is something I've noticed all along-that the Army is not broken but becoming battle hardened. The Liberal dominated Media would much prefer we look on the troops as victims of an "unjust war", rather than the true heroes they are.