Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who Patton Would Vote For

Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe has an idea which candidate the venerable US Warrior wouldn't cast his ballot for in the upcoming US Election:

Nowadays, the thought of losing a war isn't as hateful to some
Americans as the thought of losing an election. Recall's infamous "General Betray Us" ad last fall, which was intended to
undercut the commander of US forces in Iraq. Think of Senate majority leader
Harry Reid's insistence that "this war is lost and the surge is not
accomplishing anything," or Barack Obama's unbudging claim that the "strategy is
failed" and we must "get our troops out," or Hillary Clinton's vow that
"starting on day one of my presidency, we will begin . . . to withdraw our
troops within 60 days."
Were Patton alive today, his opinion of such
defeatism would assuredly be unflattering - and unprintable. But his conviction
that Americans have no patience for losers would be reinforced by the public's
mounting confidence that the war in Iraq will be won.

I imagine he would have a few choice words for Jack Murtha as well! The "lose at any cost" mentality emanating from the 60's generation, many of which now are involved in US politics, would be abhorrent to Patton's generation, who realized there was such a thing as a "just war", and that nothing was worth losing our precious freedoms, not even death.

H/T to Murdoc.