Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Further Thoughts on the 2008 Race

John McCain is sitting pretty, while the Democrat candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue their war of words. Meanwhile, the Maverick is visiting foreign dignitaries, making major speeches on top issues, garnering welcome endorsements, all the while looking very presidential these days.

"Democrat Civil War" was the headline on MSNBC yesterday morning. It's what we are all thinking but better when the Left considers itself in such straits. Perhaps they should also consider pulling out of another tough fight and leave the hard work to the adults on the Right.

Barack Hussein Obama lectures us all on race relations, while refusing to disavow his 20 year relationship with his hate-spouting pastor, Jeremiah Wright. His attitude seems to be "Racism is OK for me, but not for thee."

"Impossible for Hillary to win" considering the delegate count, is the new mantra for the Press. Aren't they tired of always being wrong, since we've heard the same talking point with each new Democrat Primary, as they continue to prop up their chosen nominee Obama. Maybe the media considers a falsehood told long enough by them will eventually become the truth.

In spite of her politics and lineage, Chelsea Clinton is my new hero with her derogatory attitude towards the Press. "None of your business" was a recent response to a prying questioner concerning her mother and the Monica Lewinsky scandal of the past decade. The Media claim they speak for the people when they berate and defame our elected officials and private citizens, but it is clear they have long ago abandoned public service for their own agenda.