Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Should the Press Pick the President?

Concerning the recent Obama/Wright controversy, the Mainsteam Media's knee-jerk reaction in defense of their chosen candidate for the 2008 White House is another sign the Press has already made up the public's mind on the nominee.

To this worry we can add a recent poll that reveals only 6% of nationwide journalists consider themselves conservative, while 36% of the public contend themselves so. What his all means is a huge proportion of America's populace is grossly unrepresented by a liberal worldview on television, radio, motion pictures, and the printed news. How then can freedom and the diversity of ideas survive in such an unbalanced environment of Media tyranny?

I am against any type of government imposed "Fairness Doctrine", whose effect seems to enforce even more Left-wind dogma on an unwilling public. It may be essential however, for Congress to enforce a breakup of these Media conglomerates, much as they so often do with such glee to past business corporations, like AT&T and Microsoft.

A "balkanization" of the news , much like what is ongoing on the Internet, would go beyond the Fairness Doctrine, allowing a greater understanding of the world, and perhaps enforce a more helpful debate to the problems our nation faces. While it appears the Market may be taking care of this anyway, as ratings for the old MSM seems to be steadily tanking, there is the possibility that a grateful President Obama might come to their rescue with speech stifling legislation, if the Press' goal is attained.