Monday, March 17, 2008

Libertas on the New Media

The Liberty Film Festival Blog praises the democratization of the Press:’s only now that we have a multitude of news sources of
every political stripe that liberals complain about “corporate ownership,”
“monopolies,” and “fairness.” Fifteen years-ago the media was wholly owned by
just a few networks, newspapers, and wire services — fifteen years-ago liberal
opinion and worldview dominated these news sources — and liberals said nothing.
Today, the media’s finally been democratized by blogs, cable news, and talk
radio — and listen to the left howl.

Well, I just do it for the fun and to have my views served. After the State newspaper skewered an oped I wrote until it sounded something totally different than what I intended, I was constantly searching for something better to express myself beyond the tyranny of the Old Media. Thank you Google and Blogspot!