Monday, March 17, 2008

What Obama Knew, and When Did He Know It?

Concerning the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy, Victor Davis Hanson weighs in:

Almost everything Barack Obama has said about his relationship
with Wright is untrue. He is hardly ‘not particularly controversial’. No one
needs to “cherry-pick” his sermons to find in them hatred; in some speeches that
venom is the entire theme. Obama mentions Wright’s AIDs work—never that Wright
blamed America for the AIDs epidemic. Obama mentions Wright’s positive work on
apartheid, not that Wright claimed the U.S. put Mandela in jail. And on and

Obama knew of his extremisms as evidenced by past
interviews in which he mentioned Wright’s flair (cf. especially his encomium on
6/5/07), by his church attendance for more than twenty years, by his mention in
his memoirs of Wright’s take on Hiroshima and other controversies, and by his
admission he took Wright’s tapes to Harvard for inspiration.

First there was Obama's refusal to wear an American pendant, then Michelle Obama's admitted shame for her country. Now this. I think our vision of what we want Barack Obama to be, a healer and uniter, and his actual persona are world's apart.