Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maliki Takes Charge

Some fighting words from a bold Iraqi leader, via the Long War Journal:

In an interview with Al Iraqia satellite television, Maliki
said he would
pursue the offensive against "militias" but the
door remains open to those who would assist the government.
"Those who want
to join the political process have to help the state in handing over gunmen or
information about the hideout of the criminals and wanted men," Maliki said. "We
are not talking about one militia, but several militias, al-Qaeda and other
armed groups, and security forces must be informed about the places of these
outlaws... and no one has the right to prevent us from tracking them down."
Maliki also denounced the Mahdi Army's use of "human shields" and deplored the
militia's use of mosques as weapons storage facilities.

Appears that the spirit of the Surge has affected the Iraqi leadership. A well needed steeling of the spine thanks to Bush and Petraeus.