Thursday, May 01, 2008

The O'Reilly and Clinton Show

Bill O'Reilly conducted a surprisingly good interview with Hillary Clinton on Fox last night. She more than held her on against the insufferable O'Reilly who hit her pretty good on some tough questions, my favorite being "you're going to bankrupt America with Hillarycare".

Thought they also made an excellent team. The nation would likely be better served with a new "Hill and Bill" show on the network, less so if she siphons off the nation's prosperity with her Health Care proposals.

Not certain why the Left candidates are afraid of appearing on the Right leaning network, preferring rather to get the soft-ball questions from the Old Mainstream Media. What we saw last night was a real interview, real journalism. How can we know what a candidate really believes in until they get an opportunity to defend those beliefs, something that won't happen from a sit down with Bill Moyers?

Now that the Democrats are getting over their fear of Fox, this come as a warning to John McCain. Just as Clinton increasingly becomes the anti-elitist, anti-Obama, she could very well become the anti-McCain. He should consider this next time the Maverick decides to throw his base conservative support under the bus, as happened recently in North Carolina.