Monday, April 21, 2008

A Reluctant Empire at Best

Deep cuts are planned by the Sarkozy government for the French Army, one of the world's historic, technically proficient , and experienced armed forces. Then there is Canada, which recently threatened to pull its indispensable troops out of the fight in Afghanistan if other NATO allies refused to carry their fair share in the fight against radical Islam. It appears the War on Terror is less popular than the Cold War, despite the inescapable fact that with terrorism, the frontline isn't just a far-off battlefield, but thanks to the West's liberal immigration policies very often on each nation's doorstep.

It is against these internal threats which hold Britain, Denmark, France, and other European powers in mortal terror of racial violence, that the US might have to defend their allies against. Where once our legions were poised along the Central Front in Germany to deter the Soviet menace, we may soon be forced to send peacekeepers to maintain order within our traditional allies, to stave off internal collapse and a descent into Islamic domination.

America was once dragged kicking and screaming to a new global role after World War 2, by Democrats no less, after the war-weary Europeans proved unable to stem the tide of communism. Later, only after numerous attacks on her embassies, ships, and cities did she belatedly take a stand against Islamic Radicalism in the Middle East. As before, the first initial response in our dreaded new world burden was initiated by a Democratic President, Bill Clinton.

It is such a farce, then, when the Left wing blogosphere reacts with accusatory panic at each US Navy fleet movement in the Gulf region. Every new aircraft carrier deployment is viewed by the conspiracy theorists as an imminent sign of the long-predicted attack on Iranian nulcear facilities, and an expasnion of the American Empire. Anyone recall what happened during the "Week of April 6th"? Not much.

When Europe seems to be eagerly disarming and forcing its defense concerns increasingly on the US, presumably so that the former can maintain their much-loved Welfare State, charges of a "Neocon scheme" for world domination fall flat.