Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seeking Sanford for VP

The maverick Senator from Arizona John McCain plus the maverick Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford for the oval office in 2008? Sounds like a winning combo, to me and the Wall Street Journal's Brenden Miniter:

Over the past six years, Mr. Sanford has amassed a political record
that many within the GOP would like to see enacted in Washington: tax cuts,
school choice, market-based entitlement reform and a long list of vetoes handed
out to a profligate legislature. Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and Sen. Lindsey
Graham (a stalwart John McCain backer) have all floated Mr. Sanford's name for
South Carolina isn't the first state many Republicans might think to
find a running mate; it's likely to vote Republican no matter who Mr. McCain
taps. But Mr. Sanford is popular on the right because he understands markets.
"There are only two ways to raise the standard of living," he said, "through
technology – one backhoe can dig more dirt than 50 men with shovels – and
through brain power . . . And that's it."

I still can picture Sanford walking into the State Capitol building with the pigs pooping all over him. That's basically what pigs do, in real life and in politics.